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Gander Mountain

22 Semiautomatic Rifles For Home Defense

  Use 22 Long Rifle gun for home defense? Are we crazy? Well sort of crazy. If you hit your target 4 times with a 22, it should be more effective than one hit with a 45 ACP. The trick is getting off 4 fast shots. When you go to the range, practice quad taps... BANG BANG BANG BANG...wait...then BANG BANG BANG BANG. This is why we choose the autoloader. Pump and lever action 22 rifles are too slow.
  Choice of 22LR ammo is crtical. For reliable feeding in a 22 semiauto rifle, use hyper velocity ammo. For defense you need deep penetrating hyper veloicity ammo. The top choices are: CCI Velocitor, CCI Stinger, Remington Viper, Winchester Hyper Speed, Aguilla SuperMax, and Auguilla Interceptor.
  HouseGuns set the price limit at $300. These 22 semi automatic rifles are so much fun, plus ammo is cheap!

Buy Rifles and Handguns - Dirt Cheap Prices!

  Armscor AK22: $170-200 from a dealer
What an awesome idea! Make a 22 autoloader based on the famous AK47. This 22 looks just like the real deal too. Armscor is a high quality company that the makes the Rock Island Armory 1911 pistols. I hear the Armscor AK22 is not ammo picky and will shoot the bulk pack stuff. The AK22 has an 18.25 inch barrel and has a 10 round magazine. Armscor also makes a M16 (AR15) knockoff in 22 long rifle that looks cool too.
Armscor AK22 Video Review
  Armscor M20P: $130-160 from a dealer
The Armscor M20P is one of the most accurate 22 semi-auto rifles you can buy. Accuracy compares well to a quality bolt action rifle. The reciever is all steel thus giving the Armscor M20P a total weight of 6.5 pounds. The M20P is very solid and built to last.! The M20P has a 21 inch barrel with windage adjustable rear site. 10 round clip magazine. 15 and 25 round magazines are available. There is also the M20C carbine with an 18 inch barrel that is styled like the Ruger 10/22.
Shooting M20P video
  Marlin Model 60: $150-190 from a dealer
If we were to take a nationwide poll, I bet the Marlin Model 60 has more owners than any 22. 14 shot tubular magazine. The Model 60 has walnut finished laminated hardwood stock. 19 inch barrel with Micro-Groove rifling. Adjustable rear site. The blue finish is fair, but it is better to spend the extra money for the stainless version with the laminated stock. The Marlin Model 795 is pretty much the same gun, but has a clip magazine instead of tube.
Marlin Model 60 Page
  Mossberg 702 Plinkster: $140-170 from a dealer
The Mossberg 702 Plinkster has proven to be very durable and accurate. 10 round clip magazine and 18 inch barrel. The Model 702 comes with adjustable rear sites and grooved reciever to mount a scope. weight is 4.1 to 4.6 pounds. There are so many finish choices and stocks to choose from. The camo stock version is pictured.
Mossberg 702 Plinkster Website

  Mossberg Tactical Autoloader: $240-290 from a dealer
Mossberg hit a home run with the 22 Tactical. It is hard to buy one at a dealer because they are selling like crazy. Prices should come down when the feeding frenzy stops. It is difficult to tell the bore size difference between a 22LR and .223 Remington. The Mossberg Tactical looks like the real A4! 18 inch barrel and your choice of 10 or 25 round magazine! Weighs 5 pounds.
Mossberg Tactical Review Video
  Remington Model 597: $160-180 from a dealer
This rifle has been in production for a long time, so it must be good. The 597 features adjustable big game iron sights, ultra-crisp trigger pull, grooved receiver for scope mounts, and 10 shot metal box magazine. 2 year limited warranty. You get a choice of about half a dozen different stocks including pink camo! 30 round aftermarket magazine available. Weighs 5.5 pounds and has a 20 inch barrel.
Remington 597 Page
  Ruger 10/22 22LR: $200-240 from a dealer
Well my friends, the Ruger 10/22 is the grand daddy of them all. There are more accessories and goodies available for the Ruger 10/22 than any gun that has ever been made. The 10/22 is the Harley Davidson of 22 autoloaders. Even from Ruger you can get many different choices of barrels, finishes, and stocks. The 10/22 magazine is the most foolproof clip there is. Buy a Ruger 10/22 and get the goodies to make it right for you.
Wicked looking customized Ruger 10/22
  Savage Model 64: $130-160 from a dealer
The Savage Arms Semi-Automatic Rimfire 64 Series Rifle is versatile enough for the novice or experienced shooter. The Savage 64 weighs 5 pounds with 20.4 inch barrel, and 10 shot magazine. Black Synthetic or wood Stock. Good rifle from an old company. Reliable as a claw hammer!
Savage 64 Video Review
  USSG MP161K: $270-300 from a dealer
This sure looks like modern design overkill! It reminds me of the Remington Nylon 66 from back in the old days. I have never held or shot this rifle, but if USSG (EAA Corp) sells it, it must be great quality. 19.5 inch barrel and 10 round magazine. Also known as the MR161SAR. Made by Baikal Firearms in Russia. Baikal is famous for their premium shotguns.
USSG Firearms
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